Christmas Songs You’ve Likely Never Heard, Day 22

“Skating,” by Vince Guaraldi

Found in the classic Christmas special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” this song is full of light, bouncy activity. As radio stations have been switching over to a full Christmas music schedule between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this selection has been getting more play.

Why I Shared It

There are three main reasons why I shared it:
1. Out of all the Charlie Brown Christmas music, this one isn’t the obvious one. And Charlie Brown must be represented on this list.

2. It brings back memories of a time when Christmas specials were appointment viewing. There was no “on demand” when I was 5.

3. It also brings back memories of working on projects in the dark of the home during days off at Christmas time. I remember turning all the lights out in the house late one Christmas eve after everyone was in bed and tackling a person graphic design project on the computer. This was the soundtrack, and it helps keep a good rhythm while typing.