Christmas Songs You’ve Likely Never Heard, Day 14

“The Chipmunk Song,” by Lost Dogs

Found on Happy Christmas, Vol. 2, this cover of “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” by the Lost Dogs was a surprise when I heard it. It was the most unique track on the CD by far. The setting is a recording studio, and one of the members of Lost Dogs isn’t present. The part is being filled by Virtual Derri, a computer program. This track was released about the time that Y2K fever and fears reached their peak, and this track certainly did nothing to quell those fears.

Why I Shared It

It made me laugh when I heard it! And being a big Mac head, I knew exactly where the voices in the track came from. And this track inspired a couple of nefarious design projects from me for the next few Christmases. And it was fun to have the phrase, “I. Still. Want. A. Hoola. Hoop.” stuck in my head keeping me awake at night. Welcome to Y2K!