Christmas Songs You’ve Likely Never Heard, Day 13

“We Three Kings,” from “A Claymation Christmas Special”

In the late 1980s, Claymation-animated California Raisins were popular advertising characters. They were included in a musical Christmas special by Claymation creator Wil Vinton called “Claymation Christmas Celebration.” This special is one of my favorites, and probably the most underrated and unknown. One of the sequences I enjoy is a rendition of “We Three Kings” by the wise men and their camels. The wise men are the straight men, performing a serious and somber interpretation, only to be surprised and upstaged by their beasts of burden channeling Joe Cool.

Why I Shared It

Prior to watching this Christmas special, I thought “We Three Kings” was the stuffiest Christmas carol I had ever heard. It was lumbering, it was rolling, and when we would sing it in school my mind would conjure images of a snowy avalanche falling down a mountain in the slowest slow motion possible. After I saw this, I no longer conjured that image!