Christmas Songs You’ve Likely Never Heard, Day 11

“Christmas Chimes Are Calling Santa,” from “T’was the Night Before Chrismas”

If you’ve read any of the other Christmas song posts, you’ll probably recognize that some of my favorites have come from Christmas specials I watched as a child. Naturally, we have another one of those, coming from the 1974 cartoon, “T’was the Night Before Christmas.” (Digression: this show is as old as me!) The story involves a know-it-all mouse that writes a letter to a newspaper proclaiming Santa Claus a “fraudulent myth, rooted in unconscious fantasies.” So what does Santa do? He crosses the entire town off the list and returns the town’s letters, unopened. But most of the town’s residents don’t agree with the letter, and try to get back in Santa’s good graces by building a clock that sings a song welcoming Santa back.

Why I Shared It

It’s one of the best Santa tributes you’ll ever run across!