Christmas Songs You’ve Likely Never Heard, Day 10

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” by John Denver and The Muppets

My love of the Muppets has been established previously, but you may not know that I also have a soft spot for John Denver. During my childhood years, it seemed that my parents had a number of John Denver LPs and 8-tracks (Don’t know what that is? Click here to learn more.), and it felt like we listened to those quite a bit. This album is based on a Christmas special by the same name that was originally televised in 1979. I grabbed the soundtrack in 2006, when it was re-released and I caught it in a Christmas bargain bin. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the show is legitimately available on DVD or digital. The album is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Why I Shared It

Two words: “Piggy Pudding.” And if you want two more, “Won’t Go!” as bellowed by Animal.