About Brian Mays

Who I Am

I am a husband to a great wife, a daddy to two awesome little boys, a son to my faithful mom, dad and in-laws, a brother to my bold sister and a number of brother- and sister-in-laws, an uncle to numerous nieces and nephews, and hopefully a reliable friend to many.

I have a life mantra: Be Nice, Have Fun.

What I Do

I’m a professional graphic designer.

I constantly train myself in design software and techniques I don’t know. It’s how I got into web design, animation, and various other niche areas.

I help others in my profession be better at what they do, whether it’s designing or billing or standing up for their legal rights. Creatives getting taken advantage of fires me up.

I conduct graphic design training using various pieces of design software.

I advocate for adoption, as one of our sons is adopted.

I workout and take care of myself more these days. I’m thin-framed and won’t be mistaken for a Marvel hero anytime soon, but I definitely need to be able to keep up with two little guys.

I collect and create with LEGO bricks. I have so many LEGO bricks they must be stored in the garage.

I always root for whichever team is playing the Atlanta Braves. Blame 1992, Sid Bream and Francisco Cabrera.

I collect old cartoons, mostly from the 1950-1999 time frame.

Things I Like

Graphic Design
Star Wars
Calvin & Hobbes
Peanuts by Charles Schulz
Vintage cartoons & video games
Major League Baseball
Texas Rangers
Marvel Comics

What Others Have to Say About Me

Brian not only pushes himself to learn new technologies, he also enjoys teaching others what he has learned so they can excel. Brian is an artist and looks at all projects as an opportunity for expression.
James Duncan

His creativity never ceases to impress my clients and me. I’ve had multiple clients increase spending based upon his unique ideas or designs.
Melissa Babbitt

Brian is excellent at reaching out to people on a personal level. As a designer, he is easy to work with. He shows integrity in his work and a passion for the design process.
Corey Fuller

Brian always has a passion-driven, self-made idea brewing in mind – and he’s fearless and relentless in bringing it to fruition.
Luke Steelman

In my life and work, I can think of very few people that I would trust my friendship and business with as much as I do Brian.
David Byte

I worked with Brian at OPUBCO and I remember when he first started there. A new, fresh face with lots of great ideas. He has never lost that enthusiasm.
Erik Winters

It’s not often you meet people who are both tech savvy AND people savvy. That’s Brian.
Bryan Thomas

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